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Play Can Fighters Game

Can Fighters

This time killing game is simple to play, but hard to master. The goal in here is to kick the can and h...

Play Rattatak Game


On Rattatak, Death and Destruction are the norm. Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker must prove his skills by...

Play Naruto Boxing Championship Game

Naruto Boxing Championship

Even if he took a lot of punches, he is not easy to beat. No, Naruto is a strong guy and he will fight ...

Play Stick Swipe Game

Stick Swipe

Battle your way through hordes of stickmen and monsters! Using a sweet new swiping system increase your...

Play Wings Legend Game

Wings Legend

The devil is hidden in every corner of darkness. He disguised himself as dreams in the deep corner of e...

Play Hobo Vs Zombies Game

Hobo Vs Zombies

A gang of zombies are attacking our cities! But here's no peas, no sunflowers and no warriors to guard ...

Play Quick Stick 2 Game

Quick Stick 2

Be quick, strike fast and eliminate your stickmen opponents! Can you complete this fighting course and ...

Play Black Fist Game

Black Fist

He was a janitor ... but came to the Mafia ... and he had to wear a Superman costume! And now he stood ...

Play Ben 10 Ghost Town Game

Ben 10 Ghost Town

On the Halloween night, Ben 10 fight the ghost turned into pumpkins. Help Ben 10 kill all ghosts to res...

Play Berzerker Stick Game

Berzerker Stick

In this Fighting Game you will be Blaze, a Berserker Warrior created to defeat the Invading Blue Stickm...

Play Witch And Guardian Stone Game

Witch And Guardian Stone

The Witch and Guardian Stone is a story about bless stone. You need to fight and collect all runes in o...

Play Dr Octopus Rampage Game

Dr Octopus Rampage

Join the evil side, baby!

Play Pirates Vs Ninja Game

Pirates Vs Ninja

The objective of the game is to complete missions for both sides. One hit kills you and the same goes w...

Play New Ninja Battle 2 Game

New Ninja Battle 2

Intense game of skill and reflexes. 15 levels of skills, obstacles to avoid and stylish moves. Some obj...

Play X Fighting Pet Game

X Fighting Pet

X-fightingpet is a Flash game which involved game models of fighting, pet and some other hot elements. ...

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